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Innovation through Social Networks


CEMEX designed Shift as a social business network. When employees use Shift, ideas, suggestions, and recommendations bubble up across the network. Communities of interest are formed to tackle challenges common to their locations, markets and skill sets. Projects can move forward without the barriers posed by traditional hurdles, such as over-reliance on e-mail and live meetings. The payoff is lower cycle times, faster time to market, and real-time process improvement. Shift is ultimately designed for a new kind of workforce, one that is mobile, global, and empowered.  Shift was launched to all CEMEX employees in 2010 and by 2011 it became the official CEMEX Intranet. It all began with 6 communities for the Global Innovation Initiatives and 400 members, today 2,800 communities with more than 43,000 members are part of Shift.

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Collaboration, Employee Services & Communication

Shift also serves as an official communication channel for corporate functional areas such as Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Global Service Organization, and Organizational Human Resources. Alongside them, Business Units like France, Germany, and Philippines have embraced Shift as their official communication resource. Networks can now work on identifying opportunities, generating ideas, creating scenarios, setting goals, making plans, and generating results, while all the participants in the network learn from other experiences and success cases.



Shift System




Dynamic Knowledge Sharing


Innovation at CEMEX has focused its efforts on providing to our workforce the tools for expanding expertise as well as those to manage knowledge within the company. With this goal in mind CEMEXpedia was born as a repository of best practices and CEMEX global concepts that our workforce can consult to extend their knowledge about our processes and common interest topics. CEMEX mobile strategy has included CEMEXpedia as a milestone, by creating an application to guarantee access from mobile devices.  Today users can read CEMEXpedia content with the Shift Mobile app available for IOS, Android and soon for Blackberry. The design is very friendly and innovative, making it easier to users to research anytime, anywhere.

Shift Awards

Thank Different

CEMEX’s workforce thanks Different


Shift Awards Program’s objective is to recognize each member of CEMEX’s community for their outstanding work and behavior in the organization, whereas it comes from a peer or from our management areas.

Open Innovation Strategy

Creativity in a more transparent and collaborative environment


The Open Innovation concept was launched successfully with the introduction of Think n’ Build and a framework to help business leaders to grasp ideas without boundaries into a transparent system that helps to identify, evaluate and empower high potential opportunities.  This Innovation model has been evolving through the years, started by the Imagine Shared and Trans- form and continue to be improved by Mexico and Colombia, adding different collaboration schemas and better different participation methods. It has also been adopted by Central America and proved to be trigger for new business ideas.

Shift Mobile


ipads 400

CEMEX Just one click away


Shift Mobile is the new central place to find the suitable apps to improve productivity, enhance communication, and speed decision-making, to exceed our customers’ needs, anytime, anywhere.

At Shift App Store, useful applications can be found, such as Shift Microblog, to share real time messages, My Workspace, to access to collaboration platforms and networks, and Shift Calendar, to have information about future events and activities organized at the company.


Bring Social to Work

Try the New Features


CEMEX is focused on remain being the leader in operational efficiency at our industry; besides of providing the best solutions to our customers. The diversity and knowledge of our human talent has enabled our company to achieve and surpass goals. CEMEX´s people are innovative, diverse and ready to take challenges; therefore Shift is evolving to offer them powerful tools to continue improving their performance, allowing them mobility opportunities to always share knowledge from their favorite mobile devices anytime, anywhere. In addition, Analytics was enhanced so, they can take better insights and decision making. Shift brings social to work, because hearing our people voices, learning from their expertise and connecting them with their peers is what brings value to our company.

Global Challenges



Acting GLOBAL is part of our DNA


The innovation team surged with the aim of addressing several challenges of the new century. Due to CEMEX’s worldwide presence, projects were grouped into 6 Global initiatives, which are constituted by people from different areas, operations and countries, that collaborate and work together to achieve the objectives set by the CEO and Executive Committee. Through their formation, planning, and collaboration, Shift provides the support necessary to foster new collaboration practices for each initiative.


Awards and Recognitions

CEMEX most Innovative Enterprise at the Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2013

Super Nova Awards 2012


In November 2012, Constellation Research, an advisory firm focused on disruptive and emerging technologies recognized CEMEX as an innovative enterprise, in the SuperNova Awards 2012 at the “Future of the Work” category.

M-Prize for Management Innovation 2011




CEMEX was awarded the M-Prize for Management Innovation given by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Co 2011. Given for being a company that promotes openness, meritocracy, transparency and innovation.

Forrester Groundswell Awards 2010



This section is an open space where we share our thoughts and latest news to keep you informed about how Shift is transforming CEMEX into a global integrated company.


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Over the past year the Innovation team has achieved most of its goals and we keep working to set higher standards for 2013. CEMEX continually is fostering an applied innovation culture in order to promote change and growth. As Gartner mentioned; Social networks, mobile, cloud and analytics merge to bring a new experience in relationships […]

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Shift in the Media

Several magazines, partners, and renowned personalities and companies, have mentioned and recognized all the benefits and improvements that CEMEX has achieved through the implementation of Shift.

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